New Kickstarter Campaign eXXpedition 2015

Laundromat Studios latest film project falls in line with our shared love for the ocean. Plastics and toxins threaten the health of our ocean and our bodies. Agathe Bernard has launched her Kickstarter campaign which is explained in the video below. This adventure requires courage and a lot of support from the global community. Help Agathe Bernard cross the ocean and study the effects of plastics and toxins in our water. The only way to find a solution is to understand the problem. We all live downstream.

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Our Jumping Creek Pottery Kickstarter video gets Staff pick!

We are proud of the work Colleen and Agathe did on this fantastic project!

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Kaitlan Murphy is a carpenter/potter based out of Revelstoke, BC. who is raising money to build her pottery business called Jumping Creek Pottery!

Kickstarter is the ultimate platform for crowdfunding, that requires great story telling to help connect people to the project in a meaningful way.

New Mustang Powder Catskiing Edit

On location with Catskiing Canada at Mustang Powder nestled in Revelstoke’s backcountry terrain in B.C. Canada. Known for it amazing remote mountain lodge, over 30’000 acres of terrain, 443 km of snow road, incredible gourmet food, an extensive BC wine list, and a hot-tub under the stars.
Filmed by: Nick Nault / Mikel Witlox / Scott Martin
Edited: Scott Martin



The New Surfing Fitness Imperative


Photography: Steven Dutcheshen /  _MG_7219   I got an opportunity to film and meet the new owner of what I am figuring is Surfing’s new Fitness Imperative. If your serious about training and surfing is in your arsenal of adrenaline sports then this is the place for you.

New Studio Revloution Fitness

Owned and operated by Mallory Faul Chapman a surfer herself inspired to blend training for something she loves with the discipline of yoga and cross fit. This is really the one stop for pow an surf hunters.

_MG_7123Its no joke, if you think doing any of the 3  discipline is challenging.. well try doing it on a unstable surfboard…

Check out their website for classes at: Studio Revolution

_MG_7190More mini Social Instgram edits and online edits soon!


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Heliskiing Canada / Facebook

Heliskiing Canada FacebookWhat started as a experiment has become a movement. We launched Heliskiing Canada a few years ago hoping to connect with operators to help them directly connect with customers.

Today with over 3,100 subscribers and an unreal amount of traffic visitors its has become a voice for the industry. Follow us for updates on the Industry at: 

You will find exclusive content as well in addition we syndicate content and updates from all the Heliskiing operators in Canada.


The Spin / Photo of the Moment / Avalanche Safety Shoot

Steve Dutchesen

Photo: Steve Dutchesen

Location: Great Canadian Heliskiing / Rogers Pass B.C. Canada

Photo: Steve Dutchesen

Before every Heliskiing trip you go thru a pretty involved Safety briefing and it part of the process for getting into the backcountry at these exotic film locations. Steve quietly snapping some pics while he participates in the “meeting” while we dig snow pits –

For more on Great Canadian and some of Steve’s amazing photos go to or his website at DutchFoto


The Spin / Heliskiing’s King of the Kootenay’s – Vancouver Sun

We had 4 days of amazing filming at Snowwater Heliskiing with Peak Adventures TV Show and for our project Powder Guides. This place is unreal in terms of subject matter and visuals. For sure the Heliskiing (as always) is stunning, but the nightlife, the food the little village you stay in just had so many thing to create a rich final product.

SnowwaterHeli_KyleHamilton-HeliskiingCanada-6Here is Peak’s 3 Videos from that film trip to give you a taste of some of the skiing content, the other filmed content will come out in Fall with the release of the Powder Guides Episode/ Snowwater.


Photo: Kyle Hamilton

The Staff at Snowwater Heliskiing were exceptional. Having a guide that works with you in terms of terrain and ideas makes all the difference in the final product.


Photo: Kyle Hamilton


We can drive 55 on the Powder Highway

Its so great to have a Social Media partner that really supports what you do. The Powder Highway are one of the most progressive and active Marketing Tourism Bureaus I know of.

When your pedal to the metal trying to work hard to get as much exposure as you can for your projects its so fantastic to get support for the Operators and the Photographers from groups like the Powder Highway. Laundromat Studios Kyle Hamilton & Steve Dutcheshen getting some accolades for their amazing shots and the word is getting out.

Thanks for the love, we will do our best not to txt n tweet while we drive.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.48.13 AM


It’s becoming clear…


Filming in Australia 2009

As this site starts taking shape and start pulling together all the project work, and the people who I have met and worked with along the way, I have come to realize a few things…

The dream Laundromat Studios is already here. We have been quietly just doing our thing and focused on delivering and not really sharing our efforts. No marketing portfolio or campaigns about we can can do, and what we have done.

For me as a marketer its a bit of a unusual approach. I tend to start a strategic marketing approach right out of the gate.

But not with Laundromat Studios.

No fan fare, just started delivering content over the past several years, and just now, we launch a site and start marketing.

The reflection of all this effort is that we have hit the ground running, and already have an amazing team of talent to provide exceptional content.

I always have known this, but now its just clear to me that we are already launched, we just never really officially said so.

So there you have it. We are officially launched… 8 years ago.

Oh and  I want to retroactively suggest it was my plan all along.

Laundromat Studios-